Some of the comments received from parents and children:

– “We have been impressed by the strong bonds and relationships X has built, not only with Vanina and Jane, but with other children in the setting.  X often comes home and talks about the other children and can tell us what she has been doing during the day.  This only seeks to demonstrate how supportive and encouraging the setting is as X only attends once a week; yet the impact on her development is noticeable to us both.”

– “The consistency high expectations have enabled her to feel secure in her environment and clear within the boundaries that have been set.  It is through these successes that we feel she has made so much progress”

– “Thank you very much for all the lovely things you gave and made the children over christmas – Just amazing!”

– “Thanks for doing such a great job looking after X”

– “I truly believe there is no better place for X to be.  Thank you for all that you do X has learnt so much in such a small time”

– “Words really don’t seem enough when thanking you for all that you have done for X.  Our determined, spirited lady has grown so much in your care”

– “Your setting is second to none and I would never have been able to return to work handing the children over to anyone but yourself and of course your staff.”

– “You’re a true professional whilst always giving the right level of affection which is such a hard balance to strike”

– “Thank you for all the help you have given us with X toilet training and eating!”

– “Had to say how impressed I was with the report you sent for X’s Infant school.  How lucky for the teachers to have such detailed information and evidence on a new pupil.  As an ex primary teacher I have long been amazed by the quality and experiences my grand daughters have had in your care.”

– “I really like you taking care of us and taking us to the park, love X”

– “You have been wonderful!!!  Thank you for giving my children the best possible childcare over the past few months. Knowing they were with you and happy has made my going back to work so much easier. We’ll miss you loads. Love X (PS: stay in touch)

– “I like you and I love you from X”.

– “Thank you so much for your help with the boys over the last year. They have really enjoyed their time with you and will really miss you”.

– “Thank you for being so warm and welcoming to us all, you have made it easier being apart when we have had to work”.

– “A huge thank you for being so lovely to X”.

– “You are a brilliant childminder and we regularly say how lucky we are to have you to look after X”

– “You are doing above and beyond my expectations!”

– “Just keep doing all you are already doing.”

– “X is a happy well mannered child and you have a noticeable impact on this Thank you.”

– “X is very happy in Vanina’s care and talks to me about her and her family during the days she is not there, and cannot wait to go back every Tuesday morning. Vanina is also very understanding towards X’s food allergies. I am also very impressed with the craft activities the children do and our house is now adorned with X’s craft creations!”

– “Again thank you for everything over the past 2 years- I can’t believe it has been that long and has gone. You have definitely been a crutch through that time and a very stabilising influence to X and for me too. I don’t think all the change has hit me yet!”

– “We wanted to say a huge thank you for looking after X so well over the past few months. Thank you for all that you do”.

– “Thank you so much for all your time with X, we will both miss you very much”.

– “X has thoroughly enjoyed his time with you. He has sampled a lot of activities, different foods and developed new relationship”.

– “They call Vanina ” aunty Nina” and say they love her. Vanina is thorough and attentive and spends time discussing their day”.

– “X and X love being outdoors and I am pleased to see that often they are outside”.

– “Such a welcoming and enriching environment for any child”.

– “Always quick to deal with any issues and provide support at pick up times”.

– “X’s role play and pretend play has all been learnt at the setting”.

– “Toilet training help was invaluable”.

– ” X has gone through various phases of bad behaviour but always dealt with well”

– “X Talks about Vanina and Jane, talks about other children and things you have all done”

– “I would like to say thank you to Jane and her care of X. X is doing really well and is such a happy girl despite her being so little I never have any worries leaving her with you and know she is in excellent care. The same goes for X. Thank you both very much”.

– “Thank you for all your time and hard work over the last 7 months with X. He’s learnt a lot whilst with you, had great amount of fun and been on trips he wouldn’t have had otherwise. Have a fantastic summer break. All our thanks X & X”

– “We feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful childminder to look after our determined little girl! Thank you for taking such a good care of her this term. Have a very happy Easter”.

– “Thank you so much for looking after me since September. I have loved every minute. Hopefully I will see you every week at Minnows. Love X”

The following comments are related to our award in “Excellence in Continuous Professional Development:

“Vanina is happy to complete the Excellence for Continuous Professional Development Award as a pilot childminder”
“Vanina’s business passes all the relevant criteria set out”
“Thank you Vanina for taking part in the process, as this will help us design a suitable set of standards for childminders who do not employ staff”