Food & Drink

Children will have access to drinks at all times and nutritious snacks in line with the government recommended ‘5 a day’ will be provided morning and afternoon.

All food and drink provided will take into consideration individual children’s dietary requirements. We can also provide free cow’s milk to all children under the age of five, organized by the government scheme.

Children’s individual dietary needs will be respected.

We ask that you provide a packed lunch with a drink bottle containing water for your child.

Food should be provided ready to eat (cut/peeled etc… ready for your child to eat).

Should you wish your child to stay for dinner; a healthy balanced and nutritious meal will be offered in line with children’s individual dietary requirements.

The following are examples of meals offered; Snack time: Water will be offered along with fruit or vegetables, breadsticks, pita, cheese cubes, fruit bread etc

Dinner: Lasagne, Curry, Savoury rice, stir fry, noodles, Roast Chicken and vegetables, Baked Potato with Ratatouille, Frittata, Fish Pie, Pasta and sauces, Casseroles, Wraps, Chilli con carne etc…

Dessert: Yoghurt, Fresh Fruit, Muffins, Bananas and custard etc…

Children will be encouraged to try to new food from around the world

At meal times children will always be expected to eat their savoury food first.

Please see choking policy and speak to me for more information