Registered provider for Early Years Education

My name is Vanina I am French and I have been an Ofsted and PACEY registered childminder since 2008 and previously worked in a pre-school (graded Outstanding). I am married and we have two daughters.

Merriott Childcare is an ‘Outstanding’ level of care for children from birth to 16 years. We are based in Merriott, within a short walking distance from the village pre-school, First school and the Church.  The bus stop is by the church and services Maiden Beech Academy and Wadham School.  We provide quality wrap-around childcare for the local village pre-school and primary school as well as offering ad-Hoc sessions.

I work in partnership with children and their families to provide high standards of childcare and education adapting to each individual’s needs. Aiming to help children reach their own potential and achieve self-esteem and self-confidence. Children have access to a wide range a toys and equipment outdoors and indoors.

The outdoor area contains a Pirate Ship climbing frame, slides, tractor wheel, polytunnel, Wendy house, Dutch barn play house, mud kitchen, a large patio area and many more fun things.


We provide the 30 hour funding (Extended and Universal) and can accept 2, 3, and 4 year olds.


We will regularly observe your child at play. This helps us understand their interests, likes and dislikes as well as behaviour. Information from parents/carers is of upmost importance because they are able to tell us what is happening at home, how the child may feel as well as a child’s interest. Observations and information gathered inform the planning and help decide what the next steps for learning would be for that child and plan activities to extend the child’s learning. Whilst we do group activities, we plan for individual children and always keep a flexible approach to learning. We do not hold back children who are advanced and we seek to support those who may need additional help in certain areas.
I offer a range of full and part time places, flexible opening hours.